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St. Armand / Highgate Springs

Border Wait Time Entering Canada Border Wait Time Entering the US
St. Armand, QC/Highgate Springs, VT
Last updated
2013-03-12 09:03 EDT
Commercial Flow
No delay
Travellers Flow
No delay

Source :

Commercial Flow
Standard Lanes
At Noon EST
no delay
1 lane(s) open
Fast Lanes
Travellers Flow
Standard Lanes
At Noon EST
10 min delay
2 lane(s) open
Fast Lanes
Lanes Closed

Source : http://apps.cbp.gov/bwt/

Current Traffic Flow

Traffic Legend

  • Green is at speed limit
  • Yellow is medium congestion
  • Red is heavy congestion
  • Red/black is stop-and-go traffic

Traffic Cam

Canadian Route 133 at Saint Armand border crossing. Source: Quebec 511

Current Weather


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