TradeSmartWeb cci (Canada Customs Invoice)

TradeSmartWeb cci gives Farrow’s clients and their vendors a new way to submit Canada Customs Invoices (CCIs) for processing, at their convenience. With a simplified web-based interface, easy to use help and assistance tools, the process of completing a CCI form has never been easier!

  • Create CCIs with Ease. Create new CCIs from scratch or using a pre-built template. Completed invoices can be submitted for processing with the click of a button. CCIs in progress can be saved in draft mode and completed at a later date.
  • Accelerate Data Entry. TradeSmartWeb cci uses a smart assistant to speed up the entry of names, addresses and product information, making invoice creation a snap. As invoices are submitted, the information is retained and can be used in the creation of future invoices.
  • Search Submitted CCIs. Search submitted CCIs in a number of ways to quickly retrieve documents and information. Ready access to previously submitted invoices, together with the template concept, makes the preparation of new invoices quick and easy.
  • Include Shipping Information. TradeSmartWeb cci allows entry of shipping details, such as PARS number, Ports of Entry/Exit, Container number and ETA to be submitted along with the CCI, keeping all essential information together.
  • Attach Additional Documents. When submitting a CCI, TradeSmartWeb cci allows you to attach related supporting documents such as NAFTA Certificates of Origin or Purchase Orders to the CCI.
  • Download Your Work. Once submitted, a downloadable, printable PDF of the CCI and additional documentation is provided for your records.
  • Access it Anywhere, at Anytime. Submit CCIs from your web browser at any time on any computer.

If you are already a TradeSmartWeb cci user, log in now.

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