Glossary of terms

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Tariff Item
See HS

Tariff Treatment
The tariff or trade agreement code under which goods are entered into Canada is also used to determine which rate of duty is applied (e.g., MFN (Most Favoured Nation) - 02; NAFTA (USA) - 10; GPT (General Preferential Tariff) - 09).

THC (Terminal Handling Charges)
Fees charged by ocean carriers (shipping lines) and paid by shippers (manufacturers, importers, exporters) for moving containers between container terminals and ships (on loading and offloading).

TIB - Temporary Import Bond
U.S. Customs permits relieve of import duties for particular goods imported into the United States on a temporary basis.  The goods must be exported under Customs supervision within a prescribed timeframe however, otherwise the full amount of applicable duties must be paid.  This should not be confused with an IT entry however. 

Transaction Number
A unique 14-digit number in bar-code format that is a mandatory data element on all B3 Entries.

Movement of goods exported from one country through another country to their ultimate destination.

TRQ - Tariff Rate Quota
An import quota which defines the application of different tariffs, the lower rate applying until the specified volume is reached, the higher rate thereafter.


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