Health Canada/ Consultation on Proposed Administrative Monetary Penalties under CCPSA

May 16, 2012

Health Canada is currently conducting a consultation on the creation of the proposed Administrative Monetary Penalties (Consumer Products) Regulations under the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA). These proposed Regulations are meant to further clarify the CCPSA provisions of the administrative monetary penalties process on matters such as classifying violations, fixing penalties, and the circumstances under which penalties may be increased or reduced. More information is available on the Canada Gazette website.

The proposed regulations are currently undergoing a 75-day comment period, which ends on June 7, 2012. Comments received before this date will be formally reviewed and considered by Health Canada. After this time, Health Canada will take the necessary steps to finalize the proposed regulations for publication in Canada Gazette, Part II, where they will become law.

Please address comments to:

Source: Health Canada, Canadian Society of Customs Brokers


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