Sugar-Containing Products Export Quota: Quantities Available for Utilization

June 24, 2019

Due to exceptional circumstances, a portion of the sugar-containing products (SCP) export quota to the United States is now available for utilization by Canadian residents on a first-come, first-served basis until the available quantity is fully used or September 30, 2019, whichever occurs first.

As of June 24, 2018, the amount of export quota available for utilization is: 10,261,000 kg.

These quantities are made available solely for exports of SCPs that are “product of Canada” and may therefore enter the US under Canada’s country-specific reserve of the US SCP tariff rate quota. Applicable SCPs are set out in item number 5203 of the Export Control List:

Sugar-containing Products

5203. Sugar-containing products that are classified under subheadings 1701.91.54, 1704.90.74, 1806.20.75, 1806.20.95, 1806.90.55, 1901.90.56, 2101.12.54, 2101.20.54, 2106.90.78 and 2106.90.95 of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (1999) [United States International Trade Commission Pub. 2831, 19 U.S.C. § 1202 (1988)]. (United States)

Companies wanting to use the available export quota to export SCPs to the US must request a shipment-specific import permit from Global Affairs Canada (the Department). Instructions to apply for an export permit can be found here: Applying for an Export Permit.

To claim the in-quota rate of duty, the eight-digit export permit number issued by the Department on behalf of the Government of Canada must be indicated on the appropriate US Customs entry document. Canadian exporters should provide their US Customs broker with a copy of the export permit prior to the time of export and should retain the original document.

It is the responsibility of companies to ensure that the product they intend to export is eligible under the United States’ SCP import TRQ. Exporters that require a determination as to whether their products are eligible under the United States’ TRQ are encouraged to contact the National Commodity Specialist Division, US Customs Border Protection (CBP), Department of Homeland Security.

Note that utilization of the available quota does not constitute an allocation under the SCP export quota and will have no bearing on the allocation of the quota for the 2019-2020 quota year. The allocation policies for the SCP export quota, including the new entrant policy, can be found in Notice to Exporters No. 183, dated September 14, 2012. Please consult the Notice for further information on the administration of the quota.

The Department will regularly update and publish on this page the amount of SCP export quota available for utilization.

Source: CSCB; Global Affairs Canada


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