NAFTA 2.0 Corner: CUSMA

The new Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement


Stay well-informed on all CUSMA updates and details in the links below, where Farrow offers daily insight, that is specific to Canadians and Canadian businesses. 

***Please be advised, NAFTA certificates will NOT be accepted after CUSMA (the successor to NAFTA) comes into effect on July 1st, 2020.***


07/02/2020 New NAFTA will impact auto, dairy and digital sector

06/18/2020 Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA) Tariff Preferential Levels - Notices to importers and exporters

06/04/2020 Opening of the Application Period for the Dairy Export Thresholds under CUSMA

05/19/2020 CUSMA Certification of Origin Form

05/12/2020 Preparing for CUSMA…What do you need to know?

04/29/2020 Notice to Producers of Passenger Vehicles, Light Trucks and Heavy Trucks

04/23/2020 Specially Defined Mixtures (SDM)

04/06/2020 Customs Notice 20-14: Implementation of the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement

04/06/2020 Statement by the Deputy Prime Minister on Canada’s ratification of the new NAFTA

03/17/2020 CUSMA has passed through both, the House of Commons and the Senate

02/25/2020 CUSMA: FAQ

02/20/2020 Rules of Origin: Agriculture

02/19/2020 Customs Administration and Trade Facilitation

01/31/2020 Liberal Government Tables Legislation to Implement New NAFTA as President Trump Signs U.S. Bill

01/29/2020 Statement by the Deputy Prime Minister on the Introduction of Legislation to Implement the New NAFTA

01/23/2020 Rules of Origin: Textiles and Apperal

01/23/2020 Rules of Origin: Automotive

01/23/2020 CUSMA Origin Procedures

01/21/2020 Canada to Ratify New NAFTA Next Week

01/14/2020 CUSMA’s New Chapter Aims to Reduce the Costs Incurred by Traders

01/09/2020 Trade Compliance Verifications

12/19/2019 Additional detail on the new NAFTA

12/11/2019 NAFTA 2.1 - Changes U.S. Democrats (and Canada) settled on


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