Chairman and C.E.O. Rick Farrow receives special recognition from United Way Windsor-Essex

Rick Farrow stands at a podeum accepting the United Way Leading the Way award

Rick Farrow accepting The United Way Leading the Way Award

On Thursday, March 6th, 2014, United Way/Centraide Windsor-Essex County welcomed over 250 guests to celebrate and honour some of its most generous and dedicated supporters and the recipients of the 2013 “I Believe in My Community Awards.” These prestigious awards are presented annually to workplaces, unions and individuals for outstanding contributions to the community through United Way.
Nine awards were presented to local organizations in recognition of their commitment to the community through United Way. During the event, Farrow was recognized with a special award for leadership and support of United Way, which included a video.  The “I Believe in my Community Award” recognizes the “Plentiful Harvest” donation of refrigerated truck, as well as the workplace campaigns

The video may be viewed on the United Way youtube channel.

Pictured above, is a photo of Rick Farrow accepting the award.  Here is the text of remarks provided by Rick in accepting the award.

On behalf of the Farrow family and our staff at Farrow I would like to thank the United Way for this honourable recognition.

A lot of time went into working with the team at United Way and the Unemployed Help Center to develop a program that today is able to serve and help so many in need within our community.

The success achieved with this program is now "Leading the Way" for Farrow to invest in similar endeavours in other communities where we are located.

But the real thanks and appreciation goes to the hundreds of Farrow staff and management working each and every day at Farrow.  For they are the one's who's dedication and loyalty allow us to earn financial success and in turn provide the opportunity for us to continue to invest in our "Community Caring" focus.

Thank you again for this award!

In addition, Lorraine Goddard, C.E.O United Way Windsor/Essex, stated the following:

The I Believe in My Community Awards celebration is an exciting meaningful event for us. It's our opportunity recognize some incredible individuals, volunteers and workplaces from our community.  Our community is a better place because of the commitment of our supporters.

Nominations were collected earlier this year and reviewed by a volunteer selection committee.  


Rick Farrow holding booklet and glass award next to the United Way Awards Poster

Following is the text on the United Way Website, announcing the award

The United Way Leading the Way Award is presented to a group that has significantly contributed to the community through United Way through a one-time gift or gifts over a period of time.

United Way/Centraide of Windsor/Essex runs a fundraising campaign annually to fund its three strategic investment priorities: Supporting Basic Needs and Independence, Positioning Kids and Families for Success, and Creating Thriving Neighbourhoods.  All of the funds raised are invested locally to support strategies across Windsor and Essex County.

For more information about  the My Community Awards celebration or the Plentiful Harvest Program visit The United Way Media Release; Celebrating Outstanding Supporters at United Way's I Believe in My Community Awards.

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