Compliance Solutions that Drive International Trade

International trade is a vital component of business today. When it comes to shipping and receiving goods across borders, nothing helps streamline the process like taking a proactive approach. Something that Farrow has been successful at for over 100 years.

From Canadian customs compliance & US compliance to customs duties;  excise tax liabilities, security issues and more - our experience as Canada’s largest independent customs broker can help you turn barriers to entry into streamlined pathways to success.

We offer a customized blend of services and technology to fit your business needs.

Your Customs Broker and Compliance Partner

Moving goods across customs without delays takes expertise and reliability. We help you adapt in the constantly changing world of customs and international trade so that you stay ahead of the competition. Let our certified customs broker and shipping agents ensure that your business complies with all Canadian and U.S. trade regulations.


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Canada-U.S. border to remain closed until Nov. 21

October 19, 2020

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