Notice of ACE Downtime Information

January 14, 2015

Number: DFO: TO: 2016-005

TO: Carriers, Filers, Importers, Brokers, and other interested parties

The following guidance is provided to assist the trade community during CBP ACE outages

Drivers/Carriers should have available:

  • Passports (Border crossing Identification)
  • ACE E-Manifest Trip Number
  • Number of shipments on their truck
  • BOL/Shipment Control Numbers (SCN) of all shipments
  • The associated entry numbers of these shipments.

In the rare event that a CBP electronic downtime occurs, CBP personnel will be able to use this information to expedite processing.

For additional assistance during an ACE outage, please use this form to contact a Farrow representative, or email for urgent inquiries.

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