Glossary of terms

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R Rate
A class code indicating that a reduced class rate has been applied as used in the rate class box of the AWB.

Refund Claim
An importer may request a refund of duties and taxes on commercial goods including SIMA duties, GST and/or HST paid. A properly completed form B2 Canada Customs Adjustment Request form must be submitted within specified time limits. Although refunds of GST/HST are indicated on B2 Forms, tax rebates are excluded from the CBSA B2 Program.

Authorization to remove goods from a CBSA office, a sufferance warehouse, a bonded warehouse, or a duty free shop for use within Canada.

Relief of all or a portion of duties under specified conditions under section 115 of the Customs Tariff or section 23 of the Financial Administration Act

RIV - Registrar of Imported Vehicles
The company contracted by Transport Canada to establish and operate a national program of vehicle inspection and certification.

RMD - Release on Minimum Documentation 
Customs release which is obtained by importers or brokers with financial security on file with Revenue Canada, by initially submitting minimum documentation (i.e., a cargo manifest, commercial invoice and/or CCI, along with any permits or certificates required by other government departments)

An amount often charged for the use of a trade name or brand.

See Advance Ruling


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