Imports and Exports to and from Mexico. Delivered.

Shipping your goods to and from Mexico is challenging in both Canada and the U.S. We’ll take care of the complicated process and get your goods where you need them, whether it’s imports into Canada or the U.S. coming from Mexico, or exports going into Mexico from Canada or the U.S.

We can also completely manage your supply chain and logistics end-to-end across all of North America (Canada - U.S. - Mexico) and ensure you have a smooth flow of products across all borders.

Our Mexico Services Include

  • Local trade expertise in nine locations* along the southern U.S./ Mexico border in California, Arizona, Texas and Mexico, with warehouse space in Laredo, TX that spans over 100,000 square feet, Brownsville, TX warehouse space available 25,000 square feet, warehousing in Nogales, AZ 10,000 square feet.

  • Real time online tracking and notifications of trailer location, crossing status, delays, and other custom tailored notifications based on your needs.

  • Experience with facilitating Trading Companies, a required alternative to Non-Resident Importing in Mexico.

  • NAFTA expertise, including qualification of your products and the proper preparation of NAFTA certifications to make moving your goods across borders worry-free.

*Local offices to facilitate trade across the southern border include:





San Diego


Eagle Pass
El Paso

Mexico City Airport
Monterrey Airport
Puerto Progreso Yucatan (Gulf Port)
Nuevo Laredo
Lazaro Cardenas (Pacific Port)
Manzanillo (Pacific Port)
Ramos Arizpe Airport

We can also help you import and export into:



Please Contact Us or your Farrow representative.

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