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Paying import duties and taxes on goods is a serious responsibility when managing the monetary success of your company.   With ever evolving regulations, compliant customs brokerage ensures your duty payments are accurate.

Penalties due to the mis-classification of tariff codes or incorrect product valuation can lead to significant monetary payouts on customs back duty.  These outstanding import duties can add up to a large cost when dealing with goods being imported or exported in large quantities.

Customs Consulting

Classification: Accurate Duty Payments

The Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System (HS) classifies nearly every item in existence.  Properly classifying an item’s tariff code and the rate for import duties is an extensive process requiring specialists with years of experienceOur qualified professionals will provide exact rates on import and export duties that will eliminate penalties and prepare your organization for post verification audits.

Experts Across all Industries

A complete range of international trade advisory services are available to ensure compliance with all applicable U.S. and Canadian customs regulations.  Our certified team has an impeccable track record for accurate tariff classification and customs duty payments across every industry including Manufacturing, Food and Beverage, Textiles and Mass Merchandise.

What are your customs consulting needs?

Canadian Customs & US Customs Consulting
Areas of expertise in our customs consulting include duty rates and trade agreements, harmonized tariff and valuation appeals

Import Free of Duties: NAFTA Certification
Farrow can help you import free of duties through in depth research and NAFTA certificate preparation.

Trade Management
Let us manage your complete process, from procurement to payment


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