Pick and Pack Warehouse & Order Fulfillment Services

Convenient Warehousing Solutions on Both Sides of the Border

As a supplemental service to our cross-border customs clearance and logistics solutions, let us manage your Canadian pick and pack fulfillment from either of our convenient warehousing locations.

We have a central Canadian presence in Windsor, Ontario and a western venue in Vancouver, British Columbia. Lower volume warehousing can also be managed from one of our two U.S. warehouse locations in Buffalo, New York and Detroit, Michigan.

Flexible Pick and Pack Fulfillment Services

As you grow in volume, issues related to picking, packing and shipping orders begin to divert valuable time and energy away from your operations, sales and marketing efforts.

We offer a state-of-the-art and robust warehouse management system (WMS), which serves as the backbone of our pick and pack and warehousing solutions. This is combined with our unique human element to ensure flexibility and accuracy in pick and pack order fulfillment services. Our comprehensive service is then continued seamlessly with our shipping solutions.

Pick and Pack Services that Adapt to Your Products

Our pick and pack services can be set up for your specific order requirements and fulfillment needs leaving you worry-free when it comes to the infrastructure and staffing required.

Our adaptability becomes extremely important when you require pick and pack from a wide variety of product types that can come in all shapes and sizes, often with same-day turnaround.

We work with a wide variety of clients in many industries, and we have extensive experience to meet your specific needs for warehousing and pick and pack fulfillment. Through our partnership network we can also offer reliable referrals in locations we may not currently serve.

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