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Our webinars discuss relevant topics in the international trade industry and important regulations you need to know. Attendees also receive points to maintain CSCB or NEI designation, along with a copy of all materials covered in the presentations.

Upcoming Events

  • Importing to Canada 101
  • Understanding the importation process can intimidating for those wanting to bring their products to Canada. Importers are expected to understand how to determine duty rates, overall supply chain security, and ongoing customs initiatives from the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA).

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    Past Webinars

    Here are some of the topics we’ve covered in the past:

    • Canadian Compliance Audits
    • The Safe Food for Canadians Act
    • An Overview of NAFTA
    • Canadian Compliance for New Businesses
    • Ins and Outs of Classification
    • Staying Compliant when Exporting from Canada
    • The Evolution of the Single Window Initiative

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    Get the latest developments on US and Canadian customs, international trade topics and border updates that are specific to your importing or exporting needs.

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October 16, 2017

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