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Technological innovation and growth is a key Farrow component, one in which we have a strong heritage.  Our early customs software, used by the Canadian government, is employed at numerous border crossings to this day.  We received the “System Innovation Award” from IBM in 2006 for our TradeSmartWeb technology.  On the forefront of customs software, TradeSmartWeb improves the processing and tracking of shipment data and related document imaging. 

Customs Clearance Software that’s Easy to Use

Farrow provides accessible, user-friendly customs software that will stream-line your international customs clearance process and procedures.  Manage documentation and track shipments through online customs software applications and self-clearance technology.

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Canadian Imports:
Web-based customs Software:

Other Supporting Technologies:

  • Document Image CDs
  • Software Support Services
  • Easy Payment Options for Customs brokerage fees


U.S. Imports:
Web-based customs software:



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